Welcome to crofflr

crofflr specializes in automated wireless ebook deliveries from your favourite reading lists directly to your e-book reader. crofflr collects all unread articles from your personal reading list and converts them into a reading friendly text version.

Main features

  • Supports MobiPocket (for the Kindle) and EPUB e-book formats.
  • Send your e-book to your Kindle device or your e-mail inbox.
  • Sync e-books with your Dropbox.
  • Filter your articles by tag and word count.
  • Include optimized article images.
  • Daily or weekly delivery of your ebook.
  • User defined delivery time and time zone.
  • Mark delivered articles as read in your reading list.

Reading Sources

crofflr allows you to mix articles from different reading lists.

Supported personal reading lists

Supported curated reading lists


crofflr charges a one-time signup fee of $5 for new members. The fee is fully refundable in the time between your first and second delivery.

Why is this service not free?

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